Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY 2016

We narrowed down the menu to some of our faves.

Why is it that every time a I make ribs I can't find 2 liter bottles of Dr Pepper?

I actually couldn't wait for Deb's pretzel jello - she makes the best.

We spent the evening laughing and eating and reminiscing… I got this cute mug in ligonier - perfect for some peppermint hot chocolate.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

I had to work today. We had a great polka band and everyone had a good time.

We did a countdown to the new year around 4:00 pm and we cleaned up for the last time in 2015.

The Dad and I had sausage two ways.

Funny story - he was in the kitchen tending to his (on the left) and I went in to get changed and put my after school clothes on. I hear him screaming saying that we almost lost mine (on the right)  - HE WAS STANDING RIGHT OVER THEM. Somehow he was blaming me for them burning (which they didn't) and started shaking his bull dog head about it. So, we ended 2015 arguing which is pretty much how the whole year has been. ;-)

I continued cooking most of the night and getting things ready for tomorrow. DiGioia's were over Bobby and June's and Sue commandeered Chrissy's phone and was asking me about when Mum was in the hospital… I had completely forgotten about some things and then it all came back to me and I could picture myself in that little lounge. It's funny how one little memory can take you right back. And, thanks Sue, now I want almond torte! ;-)

Chrissy called when she got home and and we rang in the new year over the phone with The Dad as we've done the past few years.

I still do the money and the bread thing… I don't do the blonde or dark haired person and the door thing… Honestly, I can't remember what the whole deal was with all of that. With Glo the way she is, I'll never know.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Well, I don't know when to stop,  I know we have a bunch of desserts planned for New Years but this cake was so cute - I couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I was off today because I worked the weekend… So, three guesses where I went??  The Vet. Lily had her annual appointment and I needed to drop off her Christmas present for them.

I was going to postpone it because I have a lot to do and I really wanted and needed to try to take a nap.

I'm glad I went because I got to go to Portman's…

… and stop at Sonic for tea…

and, oh, one more thing…

I got to see the the new adornment on the  window of Dixon House..

I was a little early so I went up to where Sheri's friend lived and parked in the parking lot and cried for a couple minutes and then carried on with my day.

Monday, December 28, 2015

I was leaving for work this morning and realized we never opened our stockings. I told you I wasn't with it this year. I never even wrapped my presents.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It sucks working the day after Christmas! Yuck. ;-)  It was nice to spend the day with those that didn't have anyone, though, so we had a good time - playing Bingo and stuff.  Seriously, besides not getting paid very much, I really do have the best job.

Anyway, the pup couldn't wait to get into her presents yesterday morning.

She jumped off the bed and started opening them herself.

She loves her new bed…

Look at me, Aunt Cara - I like London too!

She's dog tired from all the fun… and so am I.

Friday, December 25, 2015

No theme this year. Just Christmas.

It's funny, Kenny called and the first thing he asked The Dad was what wacky theme we were having. Aunt Joyce and Deb said co-workers asked them too… I don't know what our strangest theme was…  we had a backyard carnival and Chinese and a hoe down... One day I would like to gather a photo from each.

One day.

Not today.

I'm back-posting this because my iPhoto is giving me problems. Honestly, I can't remember what we even had this year. This was the only food pic I took.

At Dixon House we used to put the menu and hell's kitchen timing board up. This was the last one - a few months before the end of it all...

It was a pajama party theme - we had breakfast for Christmas dinner.

Everyone wore their pjs. Including the pup. There was laughter...

and fun…

…as there was every year. Yes, I may be a little nostalgic with the house right now and fuck anyone that has anything to say about it.

I know the only thing that matters is that you are surrounded by those you love.

… and that is something we were and I am always good at. I'm glad there were so many gatherings at Dixon House that people still talk about and I'm glad they always felt so welcomed.

Merry Christmas.