Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I haven't been to Applebee's in over a year… probably longer. I never liked the fact that my ex-husband thought it was appropriate to go there to discuss our divorce so that irritates me as well as when the workers started asking you if you were celebrating something special every time you went in.  What if you were just coming back from a funeral - or a chemo treatment - or trying to finalize your divorce?  Who the hell came up with that idea?  Just dumb. Anyway, I do love me an oriental chicken salad but not that much. Really.

Anyway, I met Chrissy for lunch before work… I had heard that they have these things now.

You can swipe your payment… The girl didn't even want us to pay with it. I had to tell her I wanted to and she kind of huffed about it.

I got the salad which wasn't really that good. Why isn't it called Asian Chicken Salad, anyway?

Nice attempt with the smores - but I've had better.

I'm not sure where I was going with this thought now... just wanted to say that I still hate Applebee's.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

We had a dual themed wedding - some angels… some mickeys.  I stalled in the storage unit department - haven't felt like it and haven't had much time but I have some boxes in the garage that I brought over awhile ago.  I thought I would sort through some.  I opened this and found all the extra bells from our wedding and ring holder favors from my bridal shower.

It was a sticky mess… I never really thought about the jordan almonds that were in the tulle tied around the angels… they must have burst in the hot storage unit and I was left with a slew of shriveled up naked almonds and a bunch of angels stuck to the bottom of the box.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


There are all these stumps at the house we rent in Deep Creek. It reminds me of this...

I gave Lily her motivation (above) and think she did a pretty good job.

Friday, July 31, 2015


We are on our way to Penn State. We made our normal stop off at Martin's for snacks and to pee.

While Katy is at home with her new boy we are in state college with her old one. I love Other Joe and his man bun. I really do…

… but he's as scattered with his packing skills as I am. He met us down at the car and said he got a lot packed up and we got upstairs and there was shit everywhere. It was a little overwhelming. He and I were just all over the place - throwing things in bags… going from drawer to drawer. Chrissy just wanted to clean. It was kind of funny…

…and a little sad.  You know me. I had to sigh when I saw things like this….

… or the randomness of this.

I found things in my grandmother's dresser drawers I didn't want to see and I have to admit I got a little choked up at the bond of union Escher poster on the wall.

Talk about a full circle experience… we went apartment hunting with them and moved everything in and moved all of HER stuff out and now we're back getting the rest of it.  I went to take the poster off the wall behind the bedroom door…

...and the same thoughts went through my mind as they did almost a year ago!

You know, there's always something there to remind me.

I was packing things up and I swear I saw a pic of Shawna in a KDR shirt. Maybe I imagined it.  I took things off the walls like this…

… and this.

And these friggin things that were up with 700 pieces of rubber cement.  You owe me, Katherine.  No one but you and I would have meticulously taken these off the wall…

… and positioned them between individual sheets of paper.

It was an exhausting day…mentally and physically. There was only one way to end it - with a stop here.

First of all, who the fuck planned this stupid liberty mile race?  I had a trip tonight to The Benedum. Our driver was stuck... I was jumping out of the bus yelling at the police.... Chrissy had called me earlier at work to tell us the roads were going to be blocked but I didn't think it was going to be that bad - I  had her on the phone with a map trying to get us around town… We finally just stopped and wheeled everyone a couple blocks.

4 minutes to run the stupid mile and 40 minutes to drive it. Stupid.

Even though we missed the first 15 minutes or so all my peeps enjoyed themselves.
I usually love Millennials but a few of them were annoying the hell out of me tonight. On our hike to the show a couple (drunk) ones were goo goo gaa gaa-ing as were walking down the street - telling the ladies they looked so cute and just weirdness. I wanted to punch someone.  At intermission there were a few show-goers talking about their seats and referring to "ORCH CENT" and  other weird terms and then one said - I thought there was supposed to be 80s music in here. I haven't heard any yet. I never appreciated being with a bunch of old people more in my life. I'm pooped.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I have been off for 11 days in a row!  Came back to work the evening tonight - my job: going to Kennywood! It was my trip so I put Glo on the list.  She really had no idea where she was.

She also had no idea what to do with the corn dog I got her but she did enjoy her french fries!

We got everyone on the train.

It was like putting a rag doll on. She's starting to not know who I am, it seems. Sometimes she does - sometimes she doesn't. All she talks about is going to see my mother but I'm not sure she's actually talking about my mother or her mother because she usually introduces me as her sister so I'm not sure if she thinks I am my mother. Did you follow that?  It's all very confusing.

This is a sin to say… at what point are you better off dead? I'm glad I never watched my mother deteriorate like this. She's getting worse day by day. I stopped up before I left the other day and she was just playing with her food. It was like she didn't know what to do with it. I had to stay and feed her.

I left there thinking - if I live that long, which I doubt I will, will there be anyone to feed me?  Sad, in every way. ;-(

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chrissy called and said there was a sale we needed to go to.  Now that she's all fancy with a new iPhone, she sent me this picture…

I really should have stayed put and did laundry and caught up on things since we just got back but what did I do?  Went junking.

She and Ted and Cara and I were off…  It's that place on the side of the road we've passed a million times.

We stopped at the Jonnet Flea Market first and I got a few good things. This mini toaster to go with my mini phone - the toaster is actually a salt and pepper shaker. 
I'm always on the hunt for religious figures and I found these two… $2 (left) from an old convent and $1(right) for the other. 
This was kind of weird and disturbing… 
...on that chair is a bird. We weren't sure if it was stuck on it or stuck on the rope but I was freaking. The poor thing is going to be many miles from his friends and family. Uggh.  I wish I would have screamed out the window!